Review Policy

I’m a lover of all books, but I tend to have a strong connection to Young Adult. For review I would be open to reading any of the following sub-genres within YA:
Contemporary Romance
Realistic (Goes along with Romance…but I’m not cutting myself off from a book that doesn’t have romance in it!)
Historical aspects (Steampunk, anyone?)

I am not open to reviewing anything that has been self-published. I know that these books can be just as amazing, but for right now I am not going to be reviewing any of these novels.

What will my reviews be like?

I’ve always appreciated reviews that tell you the naked truth, ones that just put it all out there for you. I will be honest with my words, if a book doesn’t do it for me then I will let my readers know. Does this mean that I will be rude about a book that I didn’t like? No. I respect anyone who has put themselves out there by publishing a book, that in itself is something that should be praised. However, not everyone is going to be a fan of every book and I feel its necessary for me to say that. If you would like me to review, please be aware of this and that I will not be holding back how I feel. I’m new at this, but that’s one thing that I wanted to be clear about.

I am not being paid to read or review any of the books on this site. That would be the dream (hello, getting paid to read? Count me in!), but sadly that’s just not how this works. I am a post college graduate who is still looking for a job (the not so fun part of adulthood), so my schedule is not always simple. That saying if you are to contact me with a book that you think I would find interesting, I won’t guarantee that it will be read immediately. I’m having fun with this, and I think that is the most important part. 

I’m subject to change any of this review policy at any given time, I’m still getting the feel for this! Thanks for the understanding!