Fives on Friday

Five Things I Won’t Stop Talking About:

Before I post my first review (yay!), I figured that I would go ahead and start with something different. There are so many things that I love & want to share with the world. So every friday I will post five things that I can’t stop talking about!

  1. Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen: It’s no secret that I am obsessed with anything Sarah Dessen. She’s the first author that I read who I instantly fell in love with. I think she could write about flying antelopes and I would be like, “yeah! Cool! That’s totally me!” Her writing speaks to me & she has never disappointed. Which is why her newest release ( May 2015) makes number one of the things I just won’t shut up about! It’s  a story about a girl whose brother makes a mistake drunk one night and she deals with all those wild emotions that come after something tragic. All I have to say is, don’t read this book if you’re trying to keep away from anything pizza related. It will leave you dying for a slice and a best friend like Layla!
    Wanna check it out on GoodReads? Here’s the link! Saint Anything, Sarah Dessen

    2. Ivory Ella: Are you in love with sweet baby elephants? Then you NEED to check out Ivory Ella, a cute apparel website who donates some of their sales to saving the elephants! I found it randomly searching on Pinterest and let me tell you, I fell in LOVE. I ordered my first shirt and it came in the mail in no time. It’s a little expensive, so I made it a “yay for graduating, now find a job!!” gift.  They have so many cute colors and the shirts are ridiculously comfy. I might be living in this shirt once the fall weather comes. Boots, long shirts, AND saving amazingly adorable animals? COUNT ME IN.
    Wanna check it out? Follow the link! Ivory Ella

    3.Dunkin: Once 3 p.m hits, it’s like I need the biggest nap of my life. Which is why this week I’ve been obsessed with stopping at Dunkin Doughnuts for a large iced coffee. Seriously, I think my mother is sick of me clinging onto her arm and begging for her to stop for me ( we spend a lot of time together now that I’m home for a while). For real, as a broke post-grad I’m finding myself watching every penny that I save. Dunkin is ridiculously cheap and I’m ridiculously happy.

    4. Gel Nail polish:  Has anyone tried a gel manicure before? It’s expensive , but also amazing.  One of my best friends has to have her nails done and is best friends with her manicurist. I, on the other hand, have not stepped inside a nail salon since prom. I have no money, no patience, and am too self  conscious of my bitten nails. The other week my friend introduced me to nail polish that is gel! It makes all the difference, it stays on for weeks and never chips. It’s a little pricey, but I would rather spend the ten bucks there then the fifty at a salon! I went out and bought two different colors as soon as she showed me.

    5. Not Your Father’s Root Beer: If you’re not 21, then this number five isn’t for you. ( I do not condone underage drinking and would never want this post to be a influence to it..) If you are 21, then why have you not heard of this beer!? Seriously.  My brother is a beer enthusiast and he came home the other day with a huge case of it. Is he crazy? Hell yeah, considering a 24 pack of these baby costs ya around $45. This stuff tastes exactly like root beer, no lie. I actually wonder if they are lying to you and it really is just soda. I’m a huge fan and a nice cold one with a book is all I need to make this summer perfect. Will I be saving my money up for  a case of this? Maybe. Hopefully once I finally become a real person with a real person job, until then I will just sneak a few when my brother isn’t looking.

    Anyone else feeling the love on these five things? What are you obsessed with this week? Let’s chat about it!


How much do you love this book!?

Hi all! ( At this point I’m hoping “all” is at least a few people who have stumbled across this page..) For my first post I wanted to talk about what it means when I really love a book. We don’t always have time to sit down & read an entire review, sometimes we just want to get to the point. Which is why on a lot of my posts you will see a ranking for the specific novel I finished.

I really thought about this before deciding what ranking system I was going to go with. It’s all easy to explain why I love something ( or in some cases…dislike…), but how do I wrap all that up into a number? or a sentence?  For me, a good book always ends with me either being jealous of someone who hasn’t read it (hello, they get to experience it all over again) or if I want to go back in time and re-read it. I have a few authors I’ve done this with before and I’m sure you all have a few too! Sarah Dessen sticks out for me, what I wouldn’t do just to  be able to read Just Listen for the first time again. That book touched something inside of my sixteen year old heart and I still don’t think I’m completely over it.

So this is how the ranking is going to work (for numbers, let’s think about it like 0-5 stars):

5 stars (The best of the best) gets “The Dessen Award” as I like to think of it. If a book has made me fall into “insta-love”, head over heels can’t stop thinking about it, want to shout it from the rooftop and become its best friend. Well, that book is going to get a whopping ranking called: 5 stars. (Very original, I’m hoping that someday I come up with something more catching).  To get this ranking, this book needs to make me want to read it forty times over again and buy every copy in the store. The characters seem like friends, the setting makes me want to live there, and the storyline has become a part of my everyday thinking.

4 stars ( an equally amazing ranking, I think!): This means that I  had a hard time putting this book down, flying through the pages just to see what happens. I felt emotionally invested with each character,  the plot itself had me hooked, and I thought about the book long after I put it down. Why didn’t it get 5 stars? Well, simply because as much as I loved it…I wouldn’t jump at the chance to read it again. I read it once, loved it, but I’m okay to put it down and maybe revisit it in a year or two. There just wasn’t that spark that a 5 star review gets, but this book deserves some high praise and that’s why it’s getting a 4. I would recommend it to friends and if I didn’t already own a copy, I would head out to add it to my collection.

3 stars: This goes to books where the characters were decent, but I felt myself putting the novel down one too many times. Did I regret reading this novel? Probably not, but would I jump at the chance to recommend it to someone? No, I would probably go with something different. It was still well written and I found myself emotionally attached in some way to the novel that I had to finish it.

2 stars/ 1 star: This rating goes to the books where I forced myself to finish them. Which is so sad, leaving a book behind is always like giving up a little piece of yourself. You’re so hyped to read it, but when you sit down with it you’re just so disappointed. The characters seem unrealistic (or I just really really disliked them) and the plot had me uninterested from the start. I hope that I don’t get too many of these type of rankings, but you never know!

Let the reading begin!