Summertime Madness Book Tag

Wow, I realized I haven’t posted anything since Thursday morning! This weekend I took some time to go visit my college & my college friends ( a few of my best friends had to stay an extra semester…I missed them too much!). Since I was four hours away, in a house with NO air conditioning (but ya know, 90 degree heat),  and no WiFi….that means no blogposts for me! Also, my boyfriend & I tried to build a bunny cage when I got home…let me just tell you one thing: NO. Never doing that again, too many nails stepped on & wood splinters…plus we made the cage FIVE FEET too tall by accident…HELLOOOO giant man eating bunny friends, much? Not sure what bunny we were thinking was gonna be chilling in that cage….

Anyways, as much as I loved being with my friends, made me realize that their summer is over which means that MY summer of fun is over. Although I won’t be going back to classes this year (after 22 years of classes, this is weird), it just means that I need to get to a job. Which let’s face it, is twenty times worse than having to sit in a classroom. Don’t graduate guys! It’s a trap! (no really, enjoy school but real life can be fun…sometimes) Anyways,  I got this overwhelming feeling of sadness that summer was actually over. I love summer, summer and I have a amazing relationship where I am in a good mood 24/7 & everything is bright and happy.   (Sorry I babble so much on here…)

SO I was mega stoked when I came home tonight & saw a tag from Olivia Emily @ Bibliomad , who challenged me to a Summer Madness Book tag! Woo! I am summer stoked , because that means I can live in summer for just a few more minutes. I’ve never done a book tag…but why not?
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