What’s going on?


That’s all I have to say about these past two weeks. I apologize to everyone who has commented, liked, or linked me to an award (esp. those, I appreciate that SO much and THANK YOU so  much…I am sorry I haven’t had a chance to fill out the questions & all that). I haven’t responded to anyone, because I have just signed on for the first time since last weekend!  So, I wanted to give a little update on what’s been going on (life, book wise, the works) this way you can see how much I really love blogging (and connecting!) with all of you.

kota kota

  1. I finished “Boy Most Likely To by Huntley Fitzpatrick.  Honestly, I meant to write a review for this one right when I was done…then the craziness started. Which usually is okay, if a book is good enough I can remember enough to write a pretty legit review. Instead, I kind of forgot everything that I wanted to say. WHICH IS HORRIBLE, cause I LOVE Huntley Fitzpatrick & I was so excited to revisit some of my favorite character. I just remember thinking that this book was too long & could have been wrapped up a hundred pages ago. I wasn’t as invested in Tim’s story & as much as I liked him, I just didn’t care all that much what happened to him. SO sad. Maybe next time, Fitzpatrick.
  2. I bought Dumplin !!!!!!  I am SO excited to read this & I am making it a TOP priority. I have heard FANTASTIC things about this book and I hope it doesn’t disappoint!
  3.  I am currently reading, The Fixer (Jennifer Lynn Barnes) and so far I like it. I mean, I am only on chapter 2…but it has me interested!

Movies/ Netflixin’
One thing to know about me, I am a HUGE movie fan ( also I binge watch Netflix like no other). I spend most weekends over at my boyfriends place and we are constantly watching movies. This weekend was more of a throwback (he surprised me with two of my FAVORITE movies from when I was younger) and we continued watching a series we’ve  been working on.

  1. It Takes Two (Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen): Anyone a HUGE fan of these two back in the day?? When I was younger I was obsessed with these twins  (owned every single movie and cried to my mom about not being a twin ….I was six, okay??). Anyways, this movie is kind of like the Parent Trap, except they aren’t long lost twins. It was such a throwback to my childhood and I was instantly happy.
  2. The Parent Trap: Of course after watching It Takes Two, the bf pulled out this movie. A classic feel good movie, before Lohan decided to go insane.
  3. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia: I’m from around Philly & I am a HUGE fan of comedy, so I finally gave this show a try. Honestly, I am judging myself for  not starting it sooner. It’s so ridiculous and random, but I am in love. We’re on the fifth season ( well I am…the bf has seen every episode but is kind enough to watch it with me while I ask a million and one questions about the characters) and I am in tears by the end of each episode. Freaking great, man.

1. So, I think I told you all before how I got a new job. That’s basically why I haven’t been blogging that much. I go into work early morning  and I don’t get home until around 7:30 pm. I am exhausted by the end of it and I just haven’t wanted to take out the computer. I love my job, don’t get me wrong, it’s just so much to memorize. I handle so much and the owner of the company is the one who is training me. Basically I feel so much pressure to just do everything right, that I end up making so many mistakes. Which is fine, it’s my first week and I am going to make mistakes, but I don’t want to make them in front of the OWNER. Thank goodness she is so nice, I mean she loves her company & doesn’t tolerate TOO many mistakes, but she’s always showing me how I can learn from them. Basically, I have never loved weekends as much as I do now.

2. I saw Amy Schumer & Aziz Ansari (plus a bunch of other amazing comedians) the other weekend. We ended up having to sit on the hard ground for seven hours, but I hardly even noticed. I am obsessed with Amy & she delivered such a brilliant show. The bf & I were cracking up the entire time, at one point I think I even saw tears in his eyes…

SO anyways, the point is that I am trying really hard to blog and live my life at the same time. So I thank all readers who are sticking with me and not hating me for ignoring comments (which I am getting back to tonight!!) . I just love this blog and I love connecting with readers who are like me…so I’m hoping everyone just sticks with me as I try to navigate adulthood!

Let’s chat! What books are in your life? Any Netflix shows that you would recommend ? Anyone else having a hard time balancing life & adulthood? I could use some pointers.


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