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Top Ten Tuesday is hosted over at  The Broke and Bookish , I tried my first one last week & I really enjoyed it! So this week its all about:

Ten Characters You Just Didn’t Click With

Mostly while writing my list I realized that a lot of times it had to do with the writing/the book rather than the character. I found myself thinking back to books that I just HAD to put down, mostly because the book in general wasn’t amazing. It takes a lot for me to set a book down and I tend to forget about the characters once I leave the book. So this week it was a little tough to pick characters, but I managed to grab 5 that I knew I just didn’t click with.

  1. Molly from 99 Days : There are so many mixed reviews about the main character in 99 days. Honestly, I just never clicked with her & I ended up extremely disliking her. Her motivations, her actions, and her story were just extremely selfish to me & honestly I didn’t once feel bad for her. You screw up, you take the consequences, and then you redeem yourself..YOU DON”T just go ahead & screw up again & expect everyone to love you. That’s just  not how it goes, sorry hun.
  2. Anna from Sweet EvilListen, I wanted to like this book…really I did. In some aspects I enjoyed it, but I just never really got the main character. I liked her when she was trying to kick butt & save her friends…but when it came to boys her mind went mushy. I just couldn’t connect with her and felt a lot of times that she was being way too immature.
  3. Alice “Ali” Bell from The White Rabbit Chronicles: All I’m going to say is this; please punch me if I EVER talk about a guy like she talks about Cole. Seriously. I give full permission.
  4. Isla from Isla and the Happily Ever AfterThis pains me so much to have one of Stephanie Perkins characters on this list…but sadly, Isla just did not do it for me. I couldn’t understand how she expected Josh to give himself so freely to her when they had barely known each other. *not sure if this is a spoiler so just don’t read it if you don’t want to be sort of spoiled* Then when he said he needed time, she basically told him he was the worst type of human. I felt like a lot of her interactions & thoughts were extremely immature, for once I wasn’t hoping the girl got the guy. UGH that kills me. It really does, Stephanie Perkins you’re still my favorite though.
  5. Gia from Fill-in Boyfriend: I knew immediately that I wouldn’t get along with the main charter, when I read the first chapter & put the book down. I still have not picked it back up and all because of the main characters thoughts. She drove me insane. She was selfish, nasty, vain, and EXTREMELY immature. I guess there’s a pattern in this list, huh?

So, there’s this weeks Top Ten. It was hard, but I found five characters that I just didn’t love.  What did you all think? Any characters that YOU just didn’t feel that connection with? Any similarities in our lists? I would love to chat about it!

p.s- Love the new banner? I am SO excited. My best friend from college was a PR major & she is AMAZING at creating stuff like this. She went ahead & made that banner for me, I am so lucky to have such supportive friends. If you’re wondering why the dog is in the banner, well that’s cause my blog is named after my own pup! I have a Bernese Mountain dog whose name is Kota, but for a nickname I call her “Kota B. Bear”. When thinking up a name for this blog, I wanted to somehow incorporate everything that I loved into one name…so there we go! That’s how the name “Kota B. Books” came about & I am just so happy with it!


20 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. Your new banner is really nice! I love it.

    I am not familiar with any of the characters (or books) you mention on your list. Gia sounds awful. And Molly, not much better. I don’t think I’d click with them either.


  2. Isla made my list too!! AND IT MAKES ME SAD BECAUSE STEPHANIE PERKINS IS AMAZING! I loved Anna and Lola…but Isla drove me nuts. Like, I mean, I think Josh’s book sounded pretty awful, yeah, BUT it seems so selfish that she was 9000% offended because it wasn’t about her. And she did treat him awfully. >_> And just the whininess and clinginess. It drove me a little batty. >_< Here’s my TTT!


    1. I know right!!!! I LOVE Stephanie Perkins, but just this was not her best…. Exactly, like get over it he had a life before you & that is important to him. I just hate that everything had to be about her or Josh just didn’t “love her enough” if it wasn’t. UGH so frustrating. Thanks for checking out my post!! I will check yours out 🙂


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