Review: The Infinite Moment of Us

REVIEW: The  Infinite Moment of Us, by Lauren Myracle
Amulet Books, 316 pgs
Borrowed from library
Rating:3 stars

My first review…let’s see how this goes!

What’s it about? (The summary below is all from the Goodreads page for this book, check it out here: The Infinite Moment of Us)

For as long as she can remember, Wren Gray’s goal has been to please her parents. But as high school graduation nears, so does an uncomfortable realization: Pleasing her parents once overlapped with pleasing herself, but now… not so much. Wren needs to honor her own desires, but how can she if she doesn’t even know what they are?

Charlie Parker, on the other hand, is painfully aware of his heart’s desire. A gentle boy with a troubled past, Charlie has loved Wren since the day he first saw her. But a girl like Wren would never fall for a guy like Charlie—at least not the sort of guy Charlie believes himself to be.

And yet certain things are written in the stars. And in the summer after high school, Wren and Charlie’s souls will collide. But souls are complicated, as are the bodies that house them…”

What did I like?
1. The writing: Woah. That’s just what I have to say for that. Myracle has a way of writing that can make sitting on the sofa seem like a beautiful nirvana. There were just some lines in this book where I had to sit back and think to myself, “damn that’s something.” I’m always amazed at how well some authors can describe scenes and that’s what happens in this book. Especially through the main character, Wren’s eyes. It was the one thing that I loved completely about the book, no matter if something annoyed me it was always softened by the way that she was able to write!
2. The best friend: If you want to know one quick way for me to like your book, put a solid best friend in it. Tessa did that for me & more, in fact sometimes I just wanted to skip scenes of Charlie & Wren entirely just to get more Tessa and Wren time. Wren is not the easiest of friends, she worries a lot, has overbearing parents, and  seems to get caught up in herself a lot (it’s okay, we all do!). Tessa takes all that and is still super supporting.  She never once abandons Wren or gets annoyed with her whenever she’s acting super ridiculous. I think another reason that I am such a sucker for this friendship is just the way that Myracle takes the “boy crazy” best friend road. Tessa is  pretty, boy obsessed best friend but she’s  AWESOME at being a FRIEND. She doesn’t just throw advice at Wren because it’s what she would do, she knows Wren truly & completely & tells her what  is best for her. I would totally want Tessa as a biff.
3. Family: I will admit right here and now, that Wren’s family is completely messed up. Yeah, I wanted to punch her parents most of the time and I didn’t agree with anything that they did BUT I also loved that. It completely explained who Wren was as a person & it was great to see her grow throughout the story even if her parents are completely ridiculous. It was believable and that was what hit it for me!

What didn’t sit well with me….

Okay, I know I just had a bunch of great things to say about this book…..but why did I give it such a low ranking? I wanted to like it, I REALLY REALLY did! Lauren Myracle is a great writer in the Young Adult community & the plot seems like something I would LOVE…..but this just was such a let down. It’s one major thing:
Yes. Now you see why I had to give it such a  low ranking. The ENTIRE reason this story exists, just did not do it for me. Were there some amazing swoon worthy parts? YES. Did I care what happened between these two by the end of the novel? No. I honestly couldn’t have cared a less because they got me THAT MAD. I feel like a horrible person for being so mean about this, but here I promised honesty.
**some of this might be filled with spoilers, you’ve been warned** Okay, I just wanted to smack their heads together so many times (Wren and Charlie) . I just felt like a lot of times they weren’t really convincing me they were all that in love. I read all about their connection, but I never really got it. Wren always would talk about how much she loved Charlie (that was great!) but then when it came to certain decisions in her life she just always expected him to change for her…plus she never really seemed to accept his family. She was jealous, which I think was meant to explain more about her family then her being a horrible person, but all I kept thinking the entire time was “seriously. You’ve known the boy for 2.5 seconds and you’re going to ask him to choose between you AND THE FAMILY HE NEVER HAD BUT NOW HE HAS??? ” Also there were so many times where Charlie kept info from Wren and then would talk about how incredible she was. Mostly I just wanted to be like, dude you need to figure life out because if you truly thought she walked on the moon you wouldn’t be keeping any of this from her! I just felt like  a lot of their actions didn’t scream love. It might have been that I thought Wren was just a little immature with the whole thing.
Was the novel beautifully written? Yes. Did I love some aspects of it? Yes, but I just couldn’t get past the relationship between Charlie and Wren.
I wanted to love this …I really did.

Have you read this yet? What did you think? Am I just not the one getting it?

Let’s chat!


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